Cals Feb Vacation journal

  Here is Cal’s journal :) Saturday Feb 18 We packed our big van and drove to NEW YORK CITY.  It was a long drive. We got to play the switch for a little bit, and we also rested. We got Subway turkey sandwiches on the way to New York. We stopped at a rest stop to go pee. It was crowded. Then continued driving to New York. We got to the hotel in new york and our room was not ready. We walked to central park and climbed rocks and took pictures of birds. We saw some big horses that had carriages on them for people to have a ride around the park. We went to the central park zoo but it was closed. We then found mom and dads friend Lauren and we got pizza together. Dad helped her get a taxi home. We went to bed in the hotel and saw lots of lights and buildings. Sunday Feb 19 We went back to Central Park to feed the birds and eat bagels. We had so much fun feeding the birds.  I love Mom.  I love Dad.  I love Conor and Caden so much.  I love me.  I love everyone in the world. We saw people ice

Cadens Feb Vacation journal

 Here is Mr Caden Francis! Saturday Feb 18 We rented a new car and packed it up on Saturday morning.  We then drove to New York.  It took almost 4 hours! We did a little bit of television, then we rested with our blankets and pillows and then we ate Subway sandwiches.  When we got to NY, we went to Central Park! There were so many birds there. We took a lot of pictures of birds at the New york park (the birds were fat). It was SO FUNNY! We then saw Dad’s friend Lauren and got pizza with her. We watched some youtube videos while we were at dinner. The pizza was so yummy.(My Favorite Bird in the world.) Sunday Feb 19  On Sunday morning we woke up in NY city. We found a place that sold bagels!!! We each ordered a bag and walked back to Central Park. We were sad when we found out the bird sanctuary was closed until 11 o'clock. We were sad but we still saw some more birds and tried to give them our crumbs. We then got in our car and started to drive to Washington DC It took about 4 h