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This is a LONG overdue post - but I wanted to take the time to write about each day, the condo, the neighborhood we were staying and of course DISNEYWORLD!  I have a short YouTube clip from one of the rides in Disney. Cal was hilarious. Here we are departing from Logan Airport down to Orlando, FL. The kids were absolutely perfect. To be very honest with you, I was dreading every minute. I thought they would be terrible...but much to my surprise, they were amazing! I mean, look at our arrival at Logan - we were a mess!! Three kids, two strollers, and like 5+ pieces of luggage. It was insane. We arrived around 4PM on Saturday 12/1.  We rented a mini-van which was lifechanging. There was so much room and the boys could choose different seats during the week.  The only struggle was trying to buckle them in when they were sitting in the way back!  When we arrived, we decided to walk around and check