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May: The Month of CELEBRATIONS!!

May is typically a fun-filled month for my family, because you know -- cinco de Mayo is an Irish holiday and we celebrate like you wouldn't believe.  I am kidding.  Although, I personally do celebrate and enjoy May 5, it isn't why it's so busy.  Instead, it is mother's day on/around May 12th and also my cousin Jodie's youngest, Kayla's birthday; my sister's birthday May 13th; my husband's grandmother's birthday May 14th, and my maternal grandmother's birthday May 15th. So May 12th-May 15th is crazy. May 1st: Does anyone remember the Maypole?  When I was in pre-k, we conducted this annual tradition which consisted of a dance around the maypole to welcome spring. It was done on May 1, also known as May Day. May 5th: This year I was in LA for Cinco de Mayo and Jimbo was studying for finals.  I cooked up a storm all by myself, which is seriously one of my favorites.  I made avocado salsa with homemade pita chips, carne asada, and margarita