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New Little Adventure Hike and Journals

We have discovered a new little adventure walk near our house and it's been really fun. We get to see Boston as well as Horn Pond, Library Field, the Woburn Police Station, schools, etc). The boys walked up here today. Conor took this picture of Mom and Dad. Something I am really proud of is their journals. They started the journals the second or third home schooling day. Caden started with one notebook and then switched - so that's why we only have a few pics of Conor's journal at first. We try to write our names, the date, a photo from the day, and a keyword like "pancakes" or  "picnic" or "hike" or something so we can remember what we did that day. It's all about staying healthy and making memories! Looking for ladybugs with Conor: Piggie on the trampoline: Our new favorite game, hangman: The day we made the American flags and now do the Pledge of Allegiance to them each morning: We were REALLY focused on the st

Project Ideas - Thank You to the Teachers!!

I must say, having to adjust your entire curriculum and the way you teach overnight must be hard. I give so much credit to my kids educators because I know they are trying their hardest to send ideas and communication out to their students. Just as an FYI to those educators who are reading this - my boys have watched everything you've sent over. They have watched videos of their teachers and principals read books from links they've sent out either by their school app or by email, they've listened to their teachers sing songs, and they've watched their teachers show different craft ideas for them to try at home. The boys have tried worksheets, projects, tutorials, activities such as scavenger hunts, etc...everything! Please know they are ALL appreciated. We have also participated in all the zoom calls, and tried out a LOT of the activities you have all sent over. For that, I just wanted to say thank you!!! Here are a few that we have done at home - and that I ha