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Best Father's Day Present Ever!

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there - especially Frankie, Tom, and Jimbo! We had such a great weekend! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for having the boys over for their first sleepover! Below, I posted a few pics bringing it back to our days with two newborns in Washington, DC. Feels like forever ago and yesterday all in the same. Also - Happy 36th Anniversary to Barbie and Frank! To celebrate my Dad and my kiddos Dad, I had a little cookout yesterday and thankfully both Jim and my Dad were able to be there. Chrissy and Linds were also in town so they were able to come by. We had a great day! Gorgeous weather too!! Jimbo opened a few presents - and Caden helped. I'll work backwards through my weekend to recap the super fun weekend. :) Sunday: BBQ, bounce house, presents, and strawberry shortcake...yum! We had garlic/cheese sausages, chinese sausages, and sweet Italian sausages - along with hamburgers and hot dogs. My sister br

Phelan Phive Visit Brooklyn!!

About a year ago, myself and Cal took a road trip to Brooklyn for what I think was my first visit to see Chrissy and Lindsey since they had moved to NY. He was just shy of turning 1 and Chrissy and Linds had been there for a few months. Around my birthday this year in January, we took Conor and Caden to New York while my parents watched Cal for the weekend. Needless to say, this was our first family visit to Brooklyn and it went a lot better/easier than expected! When we've stayed there, Conor and Caden sleep in their second bedroom and me and Jim stay on an air mattress in the living room. This trip wasn't much different, as we brought a pack n play which we put in Chrissy and Lindsey's room - the rest stayed the same! We were very busy throughout the day and the ride there was pretty draining for them too, so they all slept great! Cal even napped there - which is crazy. He often doesn't nap if we're not at our place or his daycare. Anyway, we started