Cadens Feb Vacation journal

 Here is Mr Caden Francis!

Saturday Feb 18

We rented a new car and packed it up on Saturday morning.  We then drove to New York.  It took almost 4 hours! We did a little bit of television, then we rested with our blankets and pillows and then we ate Subway sandwiches.  When we got to NY, we went to Central Park! There were so many birds there. We took a lot of pictures of birds at the New york park (the birds were fat). It was SO FUNNY! We then saw Dad’s friend Lauren and got pizza with her. We watched some youtube videos while we were at dinner. The pizza was so yummy.(My Favorite Bird in the world.)

Sunday Feb 19 

On Sunday morning we woke up in NY city. We found a place that sold bagels!!! We each ordered a bag and walked back to Central Park.

We were sad when we found out the bird sanctuary was closed until 11 o'clock. We were sad but we still saw some more birds and tried to give them our crumbs. We then got in our car and started to drive to Washington DC

It took about 4 hours!  Then we made it to Washington DC Then we went to a hotel we slept in. 

Monday Feb 20

on Monday morning we were so excited about our hotel room was going to be bigger than  the last one we were going to have it at 4:00 o'clock then we went for a walk we went on a bus we saw the White house the capitol building and the washington monument and more  We were going on electric scooters and it was so fun. We went so fast. Conor and I went on our own scooters and then me and dad went on one together. 

We then went to Moms Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dennis house for pizza. We played basketball with Dad outside, ate pizza and had fun. 

Tuesday Feb 21

Around noon, we went to the Air and Space Museum. We saw airplanes and stuff about space.  We then went to Arlington to visit dads cousin Liz - she has two kids Harriett and Peter.  It was Harrietts 6th birthday. We had turkey meatballs, pasta, and salad. We then had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday.    

Wednesday Feb 22

We first woke up and we were going to meet dads cousin Liz to get Conor’s gem and coin he left at their house the night before. We had tickets to visit Moms FBI.  It was called the FBI Experience. We had to walk around the building to find the door to get in. Mom, Conor and cal walked around the FBI building in the morning, and the Navy Memorial which is next to the FBI.  When dad was done getting coffee with his cousin, we walked around an ice skating rink and then went into the FBI.  Cal couldn't find his passport - he left it on the wall outside the FBI building. We finally walked inside and walked around the FBI store and the tour. It was long but fun. We solved our very own bank robbery case! There was evidence and CCTV that we looked at.  It was so fun. Afterwards we went to the capitol building and the FBI.   After the FBI tour, we visited the US Capitol Building also on Wednesday.

We visited the Capitol, saw lots of statues and saw the Rotunda.

Thursday Feb 23

We woke up and we were going to the White House and the Washington monument. We walked to the white house but we didn't see the president. It was still fun. 

The monument was 555 feet tall - we went up almost the whole way and looked out the windows at dc. We saw the National Mall and so many monuments. It was amazing.


Friday Feb 24

We woke up and we ate breakfast and we went to a greenhouse. It was called the Botanical Gardens and it was right next to the Capitol Building.  The first one we saw was my favorite. We saw aloe,cactus, and tomatoes and more. Then Conor got a plant and it was so fun.  After that, we went to the Jefferson Memorial. We walked there and met Jamal and his dog Nutmeg. I walked Nutmeg all by myself. We saw the MLK memorial from the Jefferson Memorial and also walked by the FDR  memorial. After that, we went to Eastern Market and got lunch. I got a hot dog. We went back to the hotel and played the floor is lava - it was so fun. We then drove around the National Mall and saw all the monuments lit up for nighttime. My favorite was the Capitol. Mom and Conor walked up to the Lincoln memorial. And saw his statue.

Saturday Feb 25

We woke up and we were going to leave and go back to Woburn. I will miss Washington DC.  Before we left for Massachusetts, we had breakfast. I made my own waffles every day and they were so good. We then started driving home. We ate subway sandwiches then after we made IT! I was so excited to see fluffball then we all packed the suitcases and bags And more stuff. Inside all the stuff we got from washingtonDC  



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