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One Last Beach Day

Wingaersheek Beach - haven’t been here in ages and I have no idea why. It was absolutely beautiful - even when it was overcast and a bit chilly.  The boys LOVED the soft sand, clean/calm ocean and tons of space to play “boomerang”. We had an amazing day, and after last week let me tell you - it was INCREDIBLE and much needed. The boys were so fun.  Phelan boyz 

Back to School!

2020 2015 Quick update - the boys are doing a hybrid model in Woburn and they all went back to school Thursday and Friday this week. The twins are in school twice a week until 12:45. Cal is in school twice a week until 10:15. Here are some back to school pics, as well as a throwback above!  This was one hour into our first day on Monday... Pledge of allegiance! I watched them get ready for their first day of school from the Ring camera since I was at work.  Back at School for Cal pal! Not only did we start school again, but we also researched another daycare program for Cal because school twice a week for two hours isn’t enough for him. It’s been a full time job just trying to get him back into a program. It has been a very stressful, exhausting, frustrating, draining time. My patience was tested to the fullest, but I am SO unbelievably proud of my boys for how they have adapted to this whole craziness.  I also want to send a HUGE thank you to my Mom, Dad, Irene, and Tom for all your h