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Mom and Cal visit the Callahans in NY!

I've been meaning to write this post for a week now - but better late than never, right? Cal and I visited NY over Father's Day weekend. Jim took the twins to the Cape to go to a car show with his Dad and brother. Rather than tagging along - or staying at home just the two of us, Cal and I randomly decided to drive to Brooklyn to visit Chrissy and Linds. It was his idea. ;) We didn't want a touristy weekend. We wanted to just hang out, make brunch, and have a casual weekend. :) We had a great workout.. And a great swim! A quick pic before heading back to Boston. Fun weekend!! All for now! xo, Shaz

First Cape Weekend This Summer!

When I first started blogging, my goal was to memorialize every single day - especially when it came to my pregnancies and my babies. I wanted to remember everything . The days are often a complete blur, and I wanted to find a way to document all our family memories. For example, over the weekend, Conor and Caden grabbed each other's hands in the ocean and started singing ring around the rosie. It was so cute. Well fast forward almost four years and I am still blogging. Often, I am sure the photos look great and life is an absolute blast. However, there are many many tantrums, blow outs, spills, sicknesses, and breakdowns (from mommy too!) that I don't portray in photos and on my blog, of course. This weekend was actually a great example of that. We made it to the Cape on Friday after work - it took us over four hours with stops, traffic, etc. It was a borderline nightmare. The reason I say borderline is that thankfully when we arrived at almost 9PM, all three kids went

One AWESOME Weekend - and One Busy Mama

This is probably the longest I've gone in a while between posts - but I will honestly say I am the busiest I have ever been. But we had a wicked fun weekend, so it was blog-post-worthy. We ventured out to a few events, hosted lots of people, and had a blast doing it all. Oh and the weather was WAY better than expected, so that is always a plus. I mean, look at these three guys! Work has been really busy - I just returned from a week long conference in Cape Cod and it was awesome. It was SO nice to be "away" yet I didn't feel far from home since I was staying at our Cape house. The boys are all super crazy and fun. I am so proud to say that Conor and Caden have officially graduated out of early intervention. It was a real long involved process. We worked with Woburn Public Schools from the beginning to see if the boys qualified for services at a special state funded preschool due to their previous speech delay. :) I am SO happy/thrilled/ecstatic to report t