First Cape Weekend This Summer!

When I first started blogging, my goal was to memorialize every single day - especially when it came to my pregnancies and my babies. I wanted to remember everything. The days are often a complete blur, and I wanted to find a way to document all our family memories. For example, over the weekend, Conor and Caden grabbed each other's hands in the ocean and started singing ring around the rosie. It was so cute.

Well fast forward almost four years and I am still blogging. Often, I am sure the photos look great and life is an absolute blast. However, there are many many tantrums, blow outs, spills, sicknesses, and breakdowns (from mommy too!) that I don't portray in photos and on my blog, of course.

This weekend was actually a great example of that. We made it to the Cape on Friday after work - it took us over four hours with stops, traffic, etc. It was a borderline nightmare. The reason I say borderline is that thankfully when we arrived at almost 9PM, all three kids went to bed easily. THANK GOD. They woke with conjunctivitis, and each twin took turns having some sort of break out in hives. I still don't know why - but we are heading to their 3 year dr appointment this morning, so we will figure it out.

This photo is from when we stopped for food on our way down the Cape...Con is feeding Cal an apple.

It wasn't that bad, but it was eventful. Then we woke up in the Cape on Saturday and walked to the beach near our house. This was probably Jim and my favorite part of the weekend.

Usually after the weekend ends, Jim and I talk about our "high, low, memorable" point from our weekends. We do this mainly because we barely have time to talk to each other all weekend with running around after these guys. Both of our "high point" was the walk and the time together at the beach. It was great. What's funny is that we packed almost nothing (because we walked) yet it was awesome. I loved the simplicity of it. And all three boys had a blast.

Cal was literally still in his PJs, and I didn't even have a hat for him. But he had fun!

Cal is ELEVEN months old today. Wow! That went by quick.

The next day, we went to Dennis, MA in the Cape to see my family Debbie and Jan - and also to walk down to Little Beach. I thought the boys would enjoy this more, but I think they were real tired. They had two late night sleeps in a row. We sadly didn't last long there.

We brought the boys home and they took some naps. During naps and after, we spent time at our house and in our yard. We don't often do that because we typically walk down to the beach, but it was quite nice! It was really warm outside, so we put some water in the little blue pool. Cal went in the water first while the twins napped. Then they went in the pool when they woke up.

As you can see, Con and Cal loved it - but Caden was a little skeptical. Caden was the more sick/uncomfortable kid at this point. Conor was on the mend.
Look at their little feet!

Jim's mom and grandmother joined us for some frozen beverages and beers in the backyard.

Jim's sister T got all of us the same hat with our initials for Mothers Day. How cute!

Look how they've changed in two years! They are growing up so fast. It's crazy.

I hope everyone enjoyed the nice warm weather over the weekend. I am off to the doctor with all three kiddos. While there, I am going to figure out what's going on with their eyes (this is legit their 6th time with conjunctivitis since St Patricks Day). And the hives are just adding to the stress. I hope they feel better soon.

All for now!


PS Timehop just sent me the last three years of my's eye opening to see how much they change, and how much all our lives change each year. Two infants, to two one year olds, to two two year olds while 34 weeks pregnant, and now - all of them growing up and enjoying summers in the Cape like I did when I was a little girl. :)


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