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Wine Tasting at Home!

Here are two more meals to add to the list! I thought my previous blog post was getting a little long, so I decided to separate it into two posts. Here is a recap of a stuffed zucchini boat (with side of cavatappi pasta) and a chicken dish on top of  a delicious creamy spaghetti squash. 1. STUFFED ZUCCHINI AND WINE TASTING!! We originally planned to make stuffed zucchini boats - then decided to add some pasta to the side - which we tossed with the leftover meat sauce that we used to stuff the zucchinis.  We all had different red wines, so we decided to have an impromptu wine tasting to compare/contrast all the different flavors!  We started with a Sangiovese, then a Malbec, and ended with a Cab Sav. We talked about the different flavors, the different acidities, and different colors/tones/tannins. It was fun! 2. CREAMY SPAGHETTI SQUASH WITH CHICKEN My friend Katie basically made this dinner entirely herself, so I don't know exactly what she did - how

What Have We Been Up to The Last Month?

This is going to be a different post!  Instead of writing about one particular dinner, I compiled a few fun dinners I have made with family and friends over the last month. Ironically, the last post I published was exactly one month it's sort of fitting to summarize everything I've been making these last few weeks! Also - sorry for the hiatus! Since my last post, we've celebrated St Patrick's Day,  the first day of Spring, lots of friends' birthdays, and we are now gearing up for Easter. Yesterday I put out a few Easter decorations and I officially got rid of all holiday/winter decorations. Let me tell you, that felt GOOD. We have also been busy setting Cal up in his new daycare. He started preschool last week, so this is the first time the three boys have been at the same school. The adjustment has been a little rough, but we are working through it. Caden and Conor had the same difficulty with drop-offs as Cal is having. Although Cal has been fabulo