What Have We Been Up to The Last Month?

This is going to be a different post!  Instead of writing about one particular dinner, I compiled a few fun dinners I have made with family and friends over the last month. Ironically, the last post I published was exactly one month ago...so it's sort of fitting to summarize everything I've been making these last few weeks! Also - sorry for the hiatus!

Since my last post, we've celebrated St Patrick's Day,  the first day of Spring, lots of friends' birthdays, and we are now gearing up for Easter. Yesterday I put out a few Easter decorations and I officially got rid of all holiday/winter decorations. Let me tell you, that felt GOOD.

We have also been busy setting Cal up in his new daycare. He started preschool last week, so this is the first time the three boys have been at the same school. The adjustment has been a little rough, but we are working through it. Caden and Conor had the same difficulty with drop-offs as Cal is having. Although Cal has been fabulous during the day, he is really sad when I leave in the morning. He has great days and the teachers told me he knows all his letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. I am not bragging - it's just how all my kids have been. Everyone has their strengths....and along with strengths come the challenges...amiright?  My boys have all struggled with speech, transitions, and have had some social/emotional challenges too.  If I am going to talk about how great and smart they are - we have to also be honest and share some challenges. That is where I have a personally distaste for social media. Everyone is SO quick to share pics of the happy moments and perfect pics (I definitely am guilty of this as well) - but in reality, we all go through some hard times. I for one have definitely struggled with parenting and work and life in general.

*PSA* - please - for those who are having a hard time - don't be fooled by social media. No one is perfect, no one has the easiest life, and no one is cruising through life without any issues. You are not alone and you are certainly not failing! Keep up the great work and keep doing a fantastic job. Your kids are so lucky to have you, so keep pushing through. You are killin it!!


Now for the fun stuff!  My friends and I got together for National Margarita Day last month and boy was it fun. Here is a quick recap.  We made an amazing non-healthy dinner and it was delicious! Don't forget about the margaritas! We used our favorite tequila, GHOST TEQUILA, which is a little spicy and awesome.

We roasted broccoli and asparagus and diced up the the chicken breast and soaked in egg wash to dip in flour to bread it.

We added the roasted veggies to the chicken/pasta/sauce concoction. We made a pesto cream sauce and it was delicious!


The boys were having as much fun as we were!

 We were checking out the portrait mode of Katie's phone haha here I am!


My cousin John just completed training for his job and came back to Boston so naturally we celebrated him being home -- and his birthday!  My cousins Jessie and Jenny (his sisters), Jenny's husband Nick, their kids, and John and Taylor and my parents stopped by for a little Welcome Home party! With that, Jenny and Nick brought their oysters and we had some fun Lord Hobo IPAs.

The kiddos made their own pizzas and played Wii. I think they liked it!


We had a snow day a few weeks ago and spent the day at my friend Julie's house with her two boys Brayden and Tyler. Brayden was born in between the twins and Cal - and then Tyler is four months younger then Cal. Needless to say, the boys are all so close!

Working on my next post of a wine tasting I had at my house last night. It was so impromptu and FUN!  All for now!



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