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Springtime, Scooters, and Shaving Cream...

That's a normal title, right?  The boys enjoyed their weekend - it was a very busy one. The weather was somewhat nice outside so we were able to enjoy some fresh air and play on our scooters. My new tradition is trying to take a family photo out by "the rock" every season. Here is our "winter" version and "fall" photo, everyone in similar spots - Cal and Jim left, then me, Caden, and Conor. Did the rock get smaller or did we get bigger?! We will have to take another when there is no snow, and maybe some buds/leaves on the trees. Here are some other photos from today's impromptu shoot: Our fav obsession lately is shaving cream! I figure why not let the kids have some fun with something that's less than $2. We also LOVE magnet tiles - they were a huge hit from Christmas. Conor seems most into them than anyone else in the family. He loves to build things. The structures he makes are super impressive. He also likes to put his l

Hosting Brunch This Weekend? Shakshuka Better Be On the Menu!

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Shakshuka and now I can't get enough. It is a simple spiced tomato dish consisting of onions/peppers, some peeled/crushed tomatoes, a few spices, poached eggs, and finished with some feta cheese. You can garnish with parsley or whatever you feel like really. It's delicious. Another friend of mine told me it's weight watchers friendly, too! Of course if you eat it without the loaf of bread like I usually do... Other life things: Conor and Caden recently tested out being in separate classrooms at school a few weeks ago. It turns out, they did amazing. They are together so much, it must be refreshing to have some separate time. This was them after their first day of being separated - they were SO excited to see each other.  Mom and Caden: Mom and Cal: Mom and Conor: Silly supper time! All for now! Til next time... xo, Shaz

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Weekend!

WOW. First off, I cannot believe that it has been almost three months since my last blog post. Time just flies by - between the kids, work, and every day things - I can't seem to find the time at night to blog like I used to. The boys have been falling asleep later and later, which means my evening hours are dwindling very quickly. ;) I wanted to blog about some recent happenings in our life, as well as recap our fun St Patrick's Day and weekend. When uploading a few pics from this St Patrick's weekend, I found some pics and blog posts from some in recent years. Here is my post from last year, 2017  - apparently the boys were sick - check out my title! HA. And here is the post from 2014 when we were staying at my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Den's house in Alexandria, VA, when I was pregnant with Conor and Caden.  I even have a post from 2013 - wayyyy back before kiddos weren't even on the radar. I was living in LA and flew to Boston to hang with my sister when she live