Hosting Brunch This Weekend? Shakshuka Better Be On the Menu!

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Shakshuka and now I can't get enough. It is a simple spiced tomato dish consisting of onions/peppers, some peeled/crushed tomatoes, a few spices, poached eggs, and finished with some feta cheese. You can garnish with parsley or whatever you feel like really. It's delicious. Another friend of mine told me it's weight watchers friendly, too! Of course if you eat it without the loaf of bread like I usually do...

Other life things: Conor and Caden recently tested out being in separate classrooms at school a few weeks ago. It turns out, they did amazing. They are together so much, it must be refreshing to have some separate time. This was them after their first day of being separated - they were SO excited to see each other. 

Mom and Caden:

Mom and Cal:

Mom and Conor:

Silly supper time!

All for now! Til next time...



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