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OMG are they twins!?!?

When I'm out with the kids, I constantly get "OMG are they twins? My brothers wife's cousins daughter has twins".  "Do twins run in your family? OH, your father in law is a twin? Well that's DEFINITELY the reason you had twins". It actually couldn't be more wrong...and it happens ALL the time. Just yesterday, I was with the boys at the Wakefield lake and so many people stopped to ask me about Conor and Caden - like they were some kind of medical mystery or something. I think the funniest thing about having twins is I see some type of twin reference every day now. They are actually really common! As soon as people start talking to me about twins - they think they know everything about them. After the person tells me about every distant relative who is a twin or how they once knew a twin in their life, then they go on to tell me I must have twins in my family - and the fact that Jim's Dad is a fraternal twin MUST be the reason

Why I Never Pay For A Kids Meal...

Call me cheap, but it's expensive to have [three] kids, and expensive when going out to dinner. So why not do some research to save a few pennies? If you're like me, then you hate monotony and repetition and doing the same old thing every single night - get home from work, think about what to make for dinner, start dinner, let it cool, feed the kids, start baths, do bedtime, argue with them 5 times to "go pee Mom?" and finally settle in to cook something for your husband and yourself. It gets old QUICK. How do I stay sane, you ask? I try and order a somewhat healthy take out meal once every week or two, or we go out to dinner instead. We used to go to Papa Ginos or a sub shop (something super quick and pre-paid, so we could bolt outta there in a flash), but now we are trying more sit down family restaurants. It helped that my parents picked up Cal from daycare on Thurs, so we went out with just Conor and Caden. That meant no high chair, baby food, or bottles neede

Keeping Up with Conor, Caden, and Cal...

I figured it was already time for another post! I can't even keep up with everything happening in their little lives. My cousin Jill and her family came up from Florida and her three kids did some BMX racing in Billerica. We stopped by to see them and it was fun! Conor and Caden brought their bikes and of course wanted a chance to ride down the track. We then had a BBQ and pool party at my cousin Ryan's after nearby. Cal loves dogs! And his GG. :) Conor, Caden, and Cal with their second cousins - my cousins Jill, Ryan, and Jodie's kids. Everyone cooperated except Conor and Caden. LOL Conor and Caden have been so sweet with Cal lately. They have all of a sudden noticed him. Here we are making cookies over the weekend with my boys. They loved having their own bowls, stirring the cookies, and watching the colors change. I had green, Caden had blue, and Conor had red cookie dough. Cal enjoyed eating them! Ha what I love about