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Lettuce Wraps and Naps!

I've been meaning to find a good lettuce wrap recipe for quite some time -- I usually order them when I'm out at a restaurant and LOVE them. For some reason, I never think of making them at home, and I don't often have Boston lettuce. But this weekend, I stumbled upon a Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wrap Recipe by Eat Yourself Skinny and tweaked it a bit to make it my own. Chrissy and Lindsey came over and they loved them! They are staying with me and C and C a few nights while Jimbo takes the bar this week. The inspiration for this post is "lettuce wraps, two ways!". Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps Ingredients: 1 1/4 lb. Fat-free lean ground turkey 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 Clove garlic, minced 1/4 Red onion, diced 3 Tbsp lower-sodium soy sauce (green top) 1 Tbsp rice vinegar 1 Tbsp sesame oil Dash of crushed red pepper 12 Boston lettuce leaves 1 Pckg udon noodles 5 Baby carrots (shredded)  Veggies of your choice (topping) Salt & Pepper to taste Instructions: 1.

Big boys in big SUITS!

Get ready, folks. This is the first sneak peek for some very important players in #chrissyandbigredwed!! Conor and Caden tried on their suits for the first time today - just the jacket and pants, and they are looking sharp. Here are a few goodies from the trial run. We tried them on over our Vineyard Vines shirts from our cousin, Kara. I've been so excited for the boys to grow into their shirts and they finally fit. I think they'll be wearing these in Cape Cod this summer! :) Yesterday. my mom and I took the boys to Horn Pond in Woburn. It was beautiful outside. We went for a walk around 1/16th of the water and the boys wanted to get out of the stroller and walk around. So of course, we let them. We had fun! Then they wanted to help me push the stroller -- then they wanted me nowhere near it...and the took over. Then they started pushing and fighting... Until Con eventually gave up. Tha

Donuts and Firetrucks!! Happy Sunday.

Yup.  You read that right.  This weekend involved some chocolate frosted donuts and Conor and Caden's first real live firetruck experience (not in that order). ;) I accompanied Chrissy to her dress fitting yesterday afternoon, and my mom offered to take the boys to her house so they could nap. I left around 11:30 and the boys slept from 12-2ish. I then headed back to pick them up around 3. In that one hour they were actually awake while I was gone, apparently a big firetruck drove down my parents street and the boys had a field day!!! They were able to go inside, sit in the driver's seat, play with the steering wheel, and try on some hats. Really? I was only gone a few hours and I missed it!! On Sunday morning my Dad stopped by our house and he brought me a chocolate frosted donut. He also brought the boys some munchkins. He's the best. I shared my donut with Caden and Conor -- that is all the same ONE donut in the below three pics. Conor was clearly a little m

Jump On In! And wine :)

On Monday, I participated in my first Mother's of Multiples event in Massachusetts ( When I lived in DC, I took part in several twin gatherings, because it was easier. The boys were younger and more transportable, and I only worked part-time. Plus the group was dedicated strictly to "Spring/Summer 2014 Babies", so all the twins were roughly the same age. It was nice to get together with other twin moms because we were able to share stories and discuss life with two brand new babies. Now working full-time and having two active toddlers, it isn't as easy to get to these fun activities. And plus, these different get togethers tend to be "twins of all ages" which can be challenging -- but also a new and different experience for Caden and Conor. But thankfully, with the help of my sister, we were able to join in the twin fun at " Jump On In " in Woburn. There was an open gym concept from 3-5:30, but we stayed about an h