Jump On In! And wine :)

On Monday, I participated in my first Mother's of Multiples event in Massachusetts (http://www.mmota-founding.org/). When I lived in DC, I took part in several twin gatherings, because it was easier. The boys were younger and more transportable, and I only worked part-time. Plus the group was dedicated strictly to "Spring/Summer 2014 Babies", so all the twins were roughly the same age. It was nice to get together with other twin moms because we were able to share stories and discuss life with two brand new babies.

Now working full-time and having two active toddlers, it isn't as easy to get to these fun activities. And plus, these different get togethers tend to be "twins of all ages" which can be challenging -- but also a new and different experience for Caden and Conor. But thankfully, with the help of my sister, we were able to join in the twin fun at "Jump On In" in Woburn. There was an open gym concept from 3-5:30, but we stayed about an hour - and that was good enough. Conor and Caden were definitely on the younger side, but they still had fun. Chrissy was a champ and took them down a gigantic slide. I'm pretty sure she is still trying to recover from Monday.

And a few other favorites from this week -- here's a snowy picture from Tuesday. This was clearly before it rained and all the snow went away! My backyard is so clear right now, it looks like spring.

And we went to Grampa's this week for our weekly pasta night! Mommy had to make a work call, so Grampa entertained the boys with Daniel Tiger so it was surprisingly quiet for a short bit. :)

Night night!

Here's mom with Con and mom with Cay. I feel like I haven't been doing so great with their individual pics lately - but I will try to get back on track! I hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow...TGIF!


P.S. In honor of both #tbt and #nationaldrinkwineday, here are a few Napa pics, right before we got pregnant with the boys. Great timing. ;) 

Photo creds - Jimbo.  Hi to John and Erin!! We miss you guys SO much!


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