Big boys in big SUITS!

Get ready, folks. This is the first sneak peek for some very important players in #chrissyandbigredwed!! Conor and Caden tried on their suits for the first time today - just the jacket and pants, and they are looking sharp. Here are a few goodies from the trial run.

We tried them on over our Vineyard Vines shirts from our cousin, Kara. I've been so excited for the boys to grow into their shirts and they finally fit. I think they'll be wearing these in Cape Cod this summer! :)

Yesterday. my mom and I took the boys to Horn Pond in Woburn. It was beautiful outside. We went for a walk around 1/16th of the water and the boys wanted to get out of the stroller and walk around. So of course, we let them. We had fun!

Then they wanted to help me push the stroller -- then they wanted me nowhere near it...and the took over.

Then they started pushing and fighting...

Until Con eventually gave up.

That's all for now. Enjoying my two hours of solitude before they wake from their nap. Then it's go go go! Have a great Monday!



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