Springtime, Scooters, and Shaving Cream...

That's a normal title, right?  The boys enjoyed their weekend - it was a very busy one.

The weather was somewhat nice outside so we were able to enjoy some fresh air and play on our scooters. My new tradition is trying to take a family photo out by "the rock" every season. Here is our "winter" version and "fall" photo, everyone in similar spots - Cal and Jim left, then me, Caden, and Conor. Did the rock get smaller or did we get bigger?!

We will have to take another when there is no snow, and maybe some buds/leaves on the trees.

Here are some other photos from today's impromptu shoot:

Our fav obsession lately is shaving cream! I figure why not let the kids have some fun with something that's less than $2.

We also LOVE magnet tiles - they were a huge hit from Christmas. Conor seems most into them than anyone else in the family. He loves to build things. The structures he makes are super impressive. He also likes to put his little toys inside, like a dice or bouncy ball. It's like he's making a house for his toys!

Here's a sunrise pic of our backyard the morning after the second Nor'Easter this year. It was probably around 7:30AM.

My friend Mackey originally bought this donut for her halloween costume. It sat in our garage for quite some time. Then I thought it would be fun to blow up and use as a sled during one of the snow storms. It quickly turned into something where (mostly) Caden sits and watches TV. Cal was lucky and got some time with the donut today. Of course, he had to play in the donut with "Woof Woof".

We're old enough to get the mail now...

This is how you watch TV when you are a twin...

Bedtime stories

Since Conor and Caden have been separated for some time at school each day, they are SUPER excited to see each other when I go to pick them up from school.

 Instead of getting out of the car, we do this instead.

 Friday night movie sesh

I must admit that I am really thankful for my blog right about now. There have been some extremely difficult times lately. It's funny - sometimes I feel like we're making some serious strides whether with routines, behavior, speech, etc - and then BAM I feel like I am drowning. The past few weeks have been harder than usual for me. Maybe I need a vacation, or maybe the boys are going through something tough. Cal is challenging right now - but I know he is on the verge of having more words, which will in turn make him less frustrated (and us too). Conor and Caden are talking a lot - however there seems to be lots of emotion in our home lately (and at school too, hence the separation). They set each other off and bother each other in ways that they know will get under each other's skin. They are so lucky to have each other, but they honestly need to give each other some space. In short, there are moments where I look back on pictures, or on prior blog posts and I am sooo happy that I took the time to write everything and post photos. Because at the end of the day, everything is a phase. I feel like I am in the thick of it right now - a tough phase. But then I look back and think of the days Conor and Caden didn't talk much, and how challenging that was. Or how recovering from my c-section with the twins living in DC with zero family around, or recovering from Cal's birth WITH having two toddlers at home here in MA, and breastfeeding for a year after Cal was born, and going back to work when I had three very young babies at home -- all those little struggles. It was HARD. We've been through a lot. Three babies in 26 months is no easy feat. At the end of the day, I am proud of us. I am sure I will look back next month and be like wow, what was I so worried about? We are good. We are lucky. We have each other and that's all that we need. 

Sometimes shazbythesea is brief and fun and then sometimes, she's deep. Thanks everyone for listening! ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend...



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