Wine Tasting at Home!

Here are two more meals to add to the list! I thought my previous blog post was getting a little long, so I decided to separate it into two posts. Here is a recap of a stuffed zucchini boat (with side of cavatappi pasta) and a chicken dish on top of  a delicious creamy spaghetti squash.


We originally planned to make stuffed zucchini boats - then decided to add some pasta to the side - which we tossed with the leftover meat sauce that we used to stuff the zucchinis.  We all had different red wines, so we decided to have an impromptu wine tasting to compare/contrast all the different flavors!  We started with a Sangiovese, then a Malbec, and ended with a Cab Sav. We talked about the different flavors, the different acidities, and different colors/tones/tannins. It was fun!


My friend Katie basically made this dinner entirely herself, so I don't know exactly what she did - however here are some pics to help!  We toasted some pine nuts first. Then Katie roasted the spaghetti squash and the asparagus with tomatoes in the oven.  She bought lemon pepper chicken which we tenderized and then baked in the oven when the veggies were done. We finished cooking it on the stovetop and then she shredded it up to toss all together. 

We garnished with a lemon and some thyme!

My sister Chrissy came over on Tuesday and stayed a few nights. It was so nice to see her. Here she is with Conor and Caden in Boston the other night! :)

We also went to the playground!

All for now! Stay tuned for more dishes!



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