New Little Adventure Hike and Journals

We have discovered a new little adventure walk near our house and it's been really fun. We get to see Boston as well as Horn Pond, Library Field, the Woburn Police Station, schools, etc). The boys walked up here today. Conor took this picture of Mom and Dad.

Something I am really proud of is their journals. They started the journals the second or third home schooling day. Caden started with one notebook and then switched - so that's why we only have a few pics of Conor's journal at first. We try to write our names, the date, a photo from the day, and a keyword like "pancakes" or  "picnic" or "hike" or something so we can remember what we did that day. It's all about staying healthy and making memories!

Looking for ladybugs with Conor:

Piggie on the trampoline:

Our new favorite game, hangman:

The day we made the American flags and now do the Pledge of Allegiance to them each morning:

We were REALLY focused on the string of cloudy days we were experiencing:

Picnic in Dad's truck!

Rainbow pancakes! Caden made a plate, and Conor made us eating them in our house. Conor's photo looks awfully similar to his truck picnic photo above....hmmm....

Skittle project - when all the skittles were placed around the plate and we watched their colors run:

When we hiked the Fells Reservation...

SLIME! Real reaction pictures from the slime below.

Slime 3/30 and 3/31

I bought this at Michaels probably a year ago when it was on the clearance rack to "save for a rainy day". In fact, a ton of our projects are just that - something we've had in a closet saving for just the right day to take it out. These little projects have really come in handy! And they are inside eggs! That went along with my Easter coloring project theme perfectly. :)

Another little baking project - these marble squares. They were incredible fresh out of the oven.  I am trying to think of something to bake tomorrow if anyone has any ideas, send them my way!

My mom and I tackled organizing my closet the other day. It has been something I've needed to do for about 3 years now. I basically moved in 5 years ago and haven't touched it since. There were baby onesies in there and old clothes. It felt really good to get everything cleared out and color-coordinated. I also put my work out clothes front and center so maybe I will use them more! Ha.

Daily walks with or without the mobiles...

Our seeds are growing! YAY!  Out of everything we planted the other day, the sunflowers and arugula sprouted first.

Adventure 3/31/2020

Stay healthy everyone!



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