Roadtrippin: Napa and SF

Jimbo and I decided to road trip to Northern California. With flights costing an arm and a leg these days, and also realizing we would need a car while up there, we decided to spend the 8+ hours in the car together and rock it. Now the songs from "Dashboard Confessional" are in my head...does anyone remember them? I love the name of their band because some of the most serious and life-changing conversations are had while driving...whether you are talking on the phone or talking with your passenger sitting right beside you. Some of my fav Dashboard songs are mentioned in this MTV article from 2003, Check it out!

Getting back to the road trip to Northern California: I briefly mentioned home exchange back in my "Luck o' The Irish" post...but never really explained it. In short, we have our Cape house on the home exchange site ( and we've received multiple inquiries from tons of international places, such as the Netherlands and Ireland to local spots like Florida, Missouri and California. I even got an inquiry from Torrance, CA...which is where Jimbo works -- and it's about 30 min from Marina del Rey, but whatever. You can see where I am going with this. We received a home exchange offer from Napa, CA and we jumped on it.

We invited some of our Boston friends and happily, Sean and Lisa agreed to join us. Here we are at William Hill Winery, one of the places we are wine club members. #wickedgoodwiners13 ;)

I researched the route to Napa, tons of wineries and even figured stopping at Sequoia National Park and Yosemite would be fun to visit en route to our final destination. Here is a collage I made on instagram to show a few stops en route to Napa. The giant Sequoias were INCREDIBLE! We stopped at the General Sherman Tree which is the largest tree in the world. We also made a stop in Monterey which was gorgeous.

I am taking a stroll through the vineyards at Fleury Winery -- we had quite an experience there on Saturday. Our wine tasting guide was hysterical.

Thanks for listening. Cheers!



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