Another Year in the Books :)

July is probably my favorite month now.  When I was little, I much preferred January, my birthday month, but I just love July.  Not only is the New England weather perfect for the beach and outdoor activities, but it is also my anniversary month, and the time we all spend the most time together in Cape Cod for Fourth of July festivities.

As I mentioned in my last blog, we headed back to the east coast for my friend Julie's wedding on 6/29/2013.  The timing was perfect and we were able to stay the following week in the Cape for the Fourth of July.  This year marked our 7th Annual Fourth of July of course, I made t-shirts.

The Fourth is by far our favorite week of the year, here is just a preview of what a fun week it is!

I was then able to spend the next weekend down the Cape with my Mom, too.  My cousin Jodie visited with her three kids, Jason, Kelsie and Kayla (below).  We had an absolute blast at Keyes Beach which is just a half mile from our Cape house.  We walked there with the kiddos and they did such an amazing job.  I loved their company and didn't want them to leave!!

Here's Mom doing some serious damage on Main St in Hyannis.

Overall, such a great month.  I am so thankful for the amount of time I was able to spend down there.  I cannot wait until next July! :)


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