I Left My Heart in SF

For my February 2013 post, my theme is inadvertently hearts and love which is perfect ...

In early Feb, Jimbo and I did our first 5K together called the "Love Mud Run" in California.  It was the weekend of Valentine's Day in the wine country area of Temecula, CA.  We are by no means 'runners' but it was super fun to run through a wine vineyard, up massive dirt hills all with about 10 gallons of mud in our sneaks.  The best part of the race was the wine tasting post-race at Callaway Vineyards. We ended up staying the weekend and met up with Jim's Aunt and Uncle from New Hampshire.

A week or two later, we spent the weekend up in SF for Jim's Moot Court competition at the Federal Courthouse (backstory: Jimbo is currently finishing up his last semester at Loyola Law School in LA).  We took the ferry over to Sausalito which was a quaint and adorable area of CA I never knew existed (http://www.sausalito.com/).  Shout out to Jim's cousin Keri who was an amazing host and showed us all around SF!  We hit up the Ferry Building/Embarcadero area, the Mission and Sausalito!

Pier 5, ya'll  ;)
All for now....Shaz


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