Welcome 2013!

I want to really explain why I started this blog in the first place and focus on some goals.  I don't particularly read blogs, or have a strong interest in what others think about mine.  Rather, I want to document my life experiences as they happen to me.

As I write about everything that is happening to me, I must preface that cooking and wine take up a decent amount of my time and focus -- so I intend to post a lot about the two, most often combined.  I also want to include tidbits on traveling, family and friends, and other life experiences.  My goals for this blog to focus on the positives in my life, help me count my blessings, document experiences as they happen for me, and also keep in touch with family and friends on the east coast, too.

I suppose a decent place to begin would be the beginning of the year, so this post will focus on January 2013 and most specifically, traveling that month.  I just returned from the most unbelievable all-inclusive trip to the Domican Republic with my hub and the Bosch's.  It was absolutely incredible and couldn't have been more perfect for the four of us.

Towards the end of the month, Jim and I took another trip, this time to a much colder place than the DR -- we went to Mammoth Mountain.  We decided to go the wknd after my 28th birthday, as that had been on my "California to-do list" since I moved here in May 2009.  I must confess it had been almost ten years since I was up on skiis, but I rocked it.  I had a blast and a solid workout, too.

We took this panorama photo on top of a black diamond trail.  Mammoth was absolutely gorgeous and huge in comparison to east coast skiing. We also spent some time in the cabins and lodges for beers and apples to apples with friends!

Narration by Jimbo:

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