Holiday Weekend Fun!!

Holiday weekends....what is better than that!?  Three days away from the mayhem, the work, the drama and the early morning wakeups.  I had a visitor this weekend, my friend Abby from the east coast. She had a work trip planned the Tuesday after Columbus Day, so she stayed with us for a night. We watched the Red Sox, ordered Thai food and just relaxed. It was great.

On Monday, we thought we should do something outside to work up a sweat a little bit. We decided on renting kayaks. When we arrived at the rental place, we aborted that plan and decided to rent a boat. It was awesome.

With that, I wanted to keep you all posted on what I am into these days.

1. What I'm Watching:  Scandal and all Red Sox post season games...

2. What I'm Listening To:  "Pistol Annies" Pandora station - This band features Miranda Lambert and my favorite song is "Hell on Heels". The station also plays several Miranda country songs like "White Liar" and "Over You". Big fan of her. She was actually at the Jason Aldean concert that Chrissy and I went to at Fenway over the summer!!

3. What I'm Eating:  Protein protein protein.  I am really scarfing down almonds and soy protein smoothies in the Magic Bullet...which is a great invention. And also this new drink, both in this strawberry/acai flavor and the lemon and ginger flavor, too:

All for now, nothing too exciting to report. I made a penne alla vodka (Vinny T's recipe) which I will be posting soon.  See ya.  Go SOX!


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