It's October?!

I've been AWOL for the last few weeks, because I had to travel out of the country for work and then flew to Boston for a few festive occassions!  My Dad's birthday is 9/23 and my Mom's birthday is 9/24...and it was my mom's 60th birthday this year! We went to one of her favorite Chinese Food restaurants. She thought just myself, Jim, my Dad and her were going but turns out we invited the whole extended family! It was so fun. Here are a few pics of my trip back east.

My mom and her sisters:

My mom blowing out the birthday candles with some help from Jason!!  And photobomb by my girl Kayla. ;)

Kelsie put 11 of these on my neck...she loved it.  We were best buds at dinner.

It was nice to see my friends and family and also be home for the beginning of fall. Fall is the best season in Massachusetts because the weather is so gorgeous with the air so crisp and fresh, the leaves are changing -- and then there is of course apple picking and everything "pumpkin". Whether it be carving pumpkins, or pumpkin spiced lattes, or pumpkin muffins or pumpkin frozen yogurt. ??? Yes, I had pumpkin frozen yogurt while at the Phantom Gourmet festival on Lansdowne in Boston on 9/29 with my friends Julie and Katie. I didn't love it. I feel like pumpkin flavored items should be warm and comfy and cozy...not cold or remotely healthy.

My happy place -- Lansdowne Street at FENWAY PARK:

My favorite sandwich when I am home is an "LT"...a lettuce and tomato sandwich on white bread with light mayo. They are the absolute BEST when my mom has fresh tomatoes in her garden.  And a shout out to my Aunt Julie who gave me a few tomatoes from her garden, too!  "LT" sandwiches are the best!

We were also able to spend a few days down the Cape, because Jim's cousin Kara got married! It was a beautiful wedding, it was so "cape cod". Jim won the centerpiece of our table, because his birthday was just five days after the wedding.  Here are a few current pics of the house. We bought a new rug for the living room because the floors were getting destroyed.

The wedding venue with a gorgeous view of the cape cod beaches and sunset:
It is unreal that it's already October. Where does the time go?  I feel like we were just celebrating NYE with the Bosch's in the Dominican!  We have some exciting months ahead -- a few visitors, a trip home again for Thanksgiving and then traveling to Florida with my sister in December for a different twist on Christmas this year. It should be a great ending to 2013.


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