"Fetch" Fall Fashion!

I've been homesick this week.  I am not sure if it's because I've been having some serious fall season envy....or if it's because I secretly thought I would be living back home by now....or because we have a trip planned in a few weeks and I want it to be November 27th now.  Who knows, maybe I am just overly emotional.  

But to continue with my honesty, I must say I am not a fashionista by any means -- but fall is my favorite style season.  With that, I wanted to show you some of my favorite fall looks.  People here in LA tend to wear fall clothes as if the weather is any different than summer.  In fact, sometimes it's nicer here in the fall months, so I struggle wearing boots and scarves and lots of layers.  I think I may be getting used to it, but here goes nothing.

In the fall, there's nothing better than the simplicity of some stylish skinnies, paired with an oversized dressy top, a colorful scarf and tall brown boots (preferably Tory Burch).  You really can't go wrong with that look.  You can enhance the look with some chic sunnies, a nice watch and a fall purse to pull it all together.

 I LOVE this summery mint top with the fall scarf and boots.  And I bet she is really comfy!  This fall is all about color pairings.  It's a nice way to incorporate color without veering away from your fall staples.  I am really digging the mint and brown combo here. Another fav color pairing is pink and gray or even bright cobalt blue with black.

Another fall must-have for me is a classic blazer (or five).  A blazer dresses up an outfit a little more than a cardigan.  It is also a good option to have compared to a heavier jacket if it's a little too warm outside.  I love this look below, it's so patriotic. Just in time for Veteran's Day weekend. :)  That purse isn't too bad either. #want

Have a fall or winter wedding coming up?  This navy dress is perfect!  I love the lace and the belt combo.  You could wear it with a nude or brown pump or even a fall boot if it's a more casual wedding.  I also think a blazer would be a perfect pairing to keep it dressed up.  The Essie nail polish is a good choice, too.

I threw this last one in for my sister.  We were shopping at the Camarillo Outlets last weekend trying on dresses for her new job which started Monday.  Every "Loft" dress she tried on looked fantastic.  Whenever she would come out of the dressing room, she would say "great, I can just pair this with some black tights".  After the third or fourth dress,  I said "Chrissy, it looks great just like that!!  Why the black tights?!"  She told me that all the Boston gals wear black tights with their outfits this season.  I guess I am out of touch in LA these days.
Anyway...this one's for you sistah. ;)

Til next time....



  1. Black tights are where its at!!! I'm seriously thinking about wearing them with jean shorts out some night :)

  2. Love my black tights!!!! Come home and wear them with us! :)


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