A and B....so it begins!

I'm pregnant!!

During the first week of September, Jim and I happily found out we are expecting. We had several important agenda items booked in early fall (i.e. visitors; trips to both El Salvador and Boston; Jim's classes, homework, job hunting and the bar). Needless to say, the first month was overwhelming, but happy and exciting nonetheless. 

My first doctor appointment was around the 7 week mark, right after we returned from our trip to Boston for my parents birthdays and a family wedding. Jim's 2002 Ford Ranger wouldn't start that morning, so he waited for AAA as I proceeded to my appt at UCLA. I figured it couldn't be more than a simple blood or pee test for them to say "yup, you're pregnant!" or "better luck next time".  So off I went....

Turns out, my three home-pregnancy tests did in fact work properly and I am indeed pregnant.  And surprise, we are expecting TWINS!!  Yup, you heard me.  Twins.  We have nicknamed them A and B...because that's what our doctor calls them.  We have no idea the gender of A and B or if they are identical or fraternal. We do know they are growing right on track, surprisingly since all I do is throw up, but we are rolling with it one day at a time.  And I now have some Zofran to help me keep some food down for A and B.  Here's a creepy 3D picture of them together.

Want to hear how the doctors told me??  Sure!  Well, I found out this incredible news (by myself) during my 3 hour appt during the ultrasound...I really underestimated the intensity of the first doctor appt.  My bad.  They were roaming about on the screen and they blurt out, "so you know there are two, right?!"  My response was "ummmm...two arms? two legs? Great! That's a good sign."  No...two embroyos, two sacs, two BABIES.  I almost died.  Then I heard both heartbeats. It was so surreal.  

I, of course, started freaking out and called Jim as soon as I could.  He was super happy (shocked) and said we are blessed.  His dad is a fraternal twin, so we weren't totally shocked...but I was totally shocked.  My reaction photo:

I then texted Chrissy...and she responded with this photo:

One of the hardest things about living 3,000 miles away has been not being able to share the news with my parents immediately, face to face.  We saw them when I was only 6 weeks and we weren't comfortable sharing the news with anyone that early (except our sisters...so Chrissy and Theresa have known since early on).  We opted not to tell our parents until we saw them again in person.  Our trip home during Thanksgiving.  So there it is, folks!!  Two Phelan babies are due May 2014. :)

Shaz, A and B

Here's a video of A fluttering about. 


  1. Just realized I can post comments... and what a perfect blog post for me to make my first one on! YAY CONGRATS SHAZ! I can't wait for our little babies to meet and be friends :) xoxo

  2. I am soooo excited!!! Can't wait to see tons of baby bump pictures and then meet A and B!! :) <3

  3. Thanks, everyone!! Super exciting! Things are starting to become more and more real as the belly grows!! Happy New Year! xo

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