Dad painting in LA!

Since Jim is taking the CA bar exam in a few weeks and I am 26 weeks pregnant, we asked my Dad if he would be willing to come out to LA and help us get the condo ready to put on the market. He was understandably a little reluctant at first, as he would have to use some vacation days to come out here and paint. But of course, being the Dad that he is, he told us to book his flight.

We went ahead and booked him on JetBlue, and of course Boston was set to get 10 inches of snow on the day of his departure. Therefore, my mom and dad changed his flight (all on their own!!) and he came out to LA a day early. Good thing he did that, because we had quite the list for him when he got here! :)


Here are a few shots of the condo while he was painting.

We had a little fun!
We had everything out that was going to the storage unit (more than half our place really) and Dad already converted my maroon wall to white -- prepping for the "Coastal Fog" color by Benjamin Moore.

Here are a few shots of the condo after he was done painting. The entrance/foyer is below.

This is the "dining area" and a slight view of the second bedroom -- where Jim has been spending 99% of his life studying.

Here is where all my cooking and blogging takes place. I love this kitchen. :)

And lastly, this is a panorama picture of the main layout of the condo.  
Jim and I seriously could not be more grateful for my Dad and all his help. This is the third place he has helped us with -- the DC house, the Cape house and now LA (of course, now that we are moving away). He swears he isn't coming to DC again...hehe. While he was here, he painted all the baseboards, the trim, the doors and most of the walls in the main living area.
It looks amazing in the condo. I wish we had it like this for the last four years! THANK YOU, DAD! Love you!!
Shaz, A and B


  1. Shaz! Is that the same white couch that you first bought in D.C. to put in your first home?!I will never forget you yelling at people not to put their feet up on it, haha. Love your blog btw! - Hugs! Jackie

  2. Hahahaha yes!!! It's the same couch! I'm glad I've kept it clean all these years (5!). It made for prettier listing photos. :) Hope you are enjoying Australia life!


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