Life's a Beach...Hermosa Beach!

Nicole and I spent the day in Hermosa Beach yesterday. We got pedicures, took a few pics around the pier and had a late lunch with a pretty view. She taught me a few things about the camera which was helpful. Here are a few shots from throughout the day.

This is a picture of the Hermosa Beach pier, about halfway up the shopping/restaurants area. We were walking towards the water at this point. 

Fat Face Fenners Fishack Fishook is known as "FFFFF" and is a Boston bar out here in LA. We haven't been here much, but figured it would be a nice memory to have. :)

Here's another view of the pier, I am looking back towards the street this time instead of towards the water.

Some volleyball action was going on -- beautiful day, except you can't see Malibu off into the distance.

I took this shot on the pier, facing south, looking towards Palos Verdes (PV).

Nicole noticed these cool little boats, so I took a pic. I like all the colors in this photo, including the houses in the background. Yellow and blue make a pretty combo.

I thought it would be pretty to take a pic of the benches with the sun shimmering over the water. The sunset was real pretty later on in the day. I witnessed it while driving home, so I wasn't really able to take any pics.

The ocean. :)

I tried taking a pic to show "the marina" area -- but you really can't see past El Porto, which is North Manhattan Beach area...and the Chevron refinery. Anyway, past those smoke stacks is Marina del Rey.

Surfer totally wiped's that "western swell".

Pier Ave in HB. :)

I looked all day for a long horizontal sign that said "Hermosa Beach", but the only things that had "Hermosa Beach" on them were the trash I opted for these cutie little signs in an adorable little shop in HB instead. Chrissy -- I looked for some HB koozies and didn't see any! :(

Cool mural near where we parked.

And here's that sunset I was talking about. I almost pulled over to take some pics, but Vista del Mar is a darn death trap -- especially over a long weekend. I am sure I would've been hit by a car.

I hope you enjoyed my first day out on the town taking pics. Hopefully I learn a few things and get more familiar with the camera. I loved doing it! And I am sure we will appreciate the Southbay pics after we move, too. Thanks to Nicole for a fun day!



  1. So proud of you. These pictures look great Shaz! Great work!


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