"Movin Out" - Billy Joel

After five years of living in California, Jimmy and I are SO excited to be moving back to DC! He is transferring back to the Fairfax, Virginia, office in March. I will be going on maternity leave and then I will figure everything out with my job and potential transfer after that. To be honest, it's the last thing on my mind. I have plenty to keep me busy with the arrival of A and B. So in short, we are outta here.

I can't help but be wicked excited about the move and to be back in the same time zone as family, a drivable distance to Massachusetts and also having my Aunt, Uncle and cousins just down the road; but at the same time I am super sad to leave my good friends out here in LA. Speaking of, a HUMONGOUS thank you to Rock, Nicole and Patrick for all your help with the storage unit this weekend!

We started taking down photos and decorations, as well as compiling a bunch of baby boxes for our friends help to move things to the storage unit yesterday. Here is a picture of Jimbo taking down our Christmas lights that we put up 3 years ago.

Our goal was to have several truck loads "ready" so we wouldn't waste anyone's Saturday. We got SO much done, what a relief.

I made this lovely spread for breakfast to give everyone energy for the big move!

Before shot of the condo (note all the baby boxes behind the couch and pictures down from the walls):
After shot of the condo (open and airy!):

Now we just need to list our condo here in LA and sign our lease for our apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. Oh, and Jim still needs to take the bar exam 2/25-2/27 and then fly across the country. Haha lots ahead!



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