Salmon and Hummus

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been wicked tired -- today especially. I don't know what hit me....maybe it's because I am not sleeping too well, or maybe it's because yesterday was SO super fun that it took a lot out of me; but whatever it is, I hope I kick it soon. I have three more months to go.
I pretty much ate like a house today. I woke up and made a protein shake with TWO chobani Greek yogurts, then I had a bowl of cereal, some egg salad and sunchips for lunch, some pistachio ice cream...and that was all by 3 oclock. By 5pm I was starving again. Jimmy and I walked to the grocery and picked up some salmon, asparagus and strawberries. I decided to make a salmon/asparagus/pasta/lemon/hummus dish, which turned out amazing.
Let me back up. Yesterday at the shower, Nicole's boyfriend Patrick made the most outstanding homemade hummus I have ever had. I think I ate the whole thing -- and Sarah even wrapped me up some to go! Haha (pictured below in the Gladware container).
  • 10 oz Salmon (rinsed, salt and pepper)
  • Asparagus (1 bunch)
  • Hummus (use your discretion)
  • Lemon (1)
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic or Garlic Salt
  • Basil (fresh, then dried out)
  • Long pasta (I used 'thin spaghetti')
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper

I started boiling some water for the pasta, and also began pan searing the salmon fillet. I made sure the pan was piping hot, drizzled in some EVOO and then lightly placed my salmon down into the pan. I rinsed the salmon thoroughly under cold water, then patted dry. I used sea salt and fresh ground pepper on both sides. I dropped it into the pan and boy did it sizzle. I immediately squeezed some fresh lemon juice on the top...maybe three slices or so.

I let that cook for about 5 minutes and then flipped it over. Look at how gorgeous it came out. I drizzled some more lemon juice on this side, and then added about three teaspoons of the hummus to the top of the salmon to let the flavors work. As the salmon cooked, I tossed the pasta into the boiling water, and also started roasting the asparagus. I added lemon juice and EVOO to the asparagus for about 10 minutes at 325 degrees.

Once the pasta was done cooking, the salmon felt firm and the asparagus was done, I added everything together. First, I drained the pasta and threw that in with the big salmon fillet (covered in hummus), I used my spatula to break up the salmon into small chunks. I also sliced up the cooked asparagus and tossed that in. I squeezed a few more slices of lemon on top and kept stirring so everything was covered in the hummus/lemon juice sauce. It was so delicious and fresh. I loved it!!

I also sliced up some fresh strawberries for dessert. Can't get enough vitamin C these days! Yum.

This really hit the spot. And if you want, I suggest doing the same recipe but switching out the pasta for some spaghetti squash. Highly recommend for a lighter fare!


  1. OMG this sounds amazing!!!!! I am going to try it this weekend. Maybe with spaghetti squash!? (haha, of course!)


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