Shaz the MdR

Yesterday I wanted to venture into the Marina and take pictures of all the boats and scenery. I didn't really feel up to it, so I walked over there today instead. Jimmy helped me map out my walk when I got back -- almost 2 and 1/2 miles!

I started off the day with this bran muffin and a hearty protein shake. 

I began walking down Maxella Ave, which has the "new" Marina Marketplace (it's not really new anymore) and it's awesome to walk to the Yardhouse, Equinox, Pier 1 and other restaurants/stores. They are also putting in a Ruth's Chris retaurant soon.

I soon reached the bike path which travels along the marina. You could either go right and head north up to the Venice pier, which we've done tons of times to go to Cabo or you can go left and bike down to Playa and/or the Southbay. Both are fun options. I opted to head south.

And I walked along this "Marina Walk Promenade"...

It was a beautiful morning -- not many people out and about, but there were plenty of boats!

I eventually made it to my destination, this park where they shoot tons of scenes for movies and TV shows. I've definitely seen this park (and the white structure you will see later) in 'Private Practice' and 'Revenge' and maybe some other shows.

Entering the park here...


I saw a few yoga classes, "mommy and me" classes and some dog training classes going on. Apparently this is where all the people were at -- the bike path was empty.

Here's that white structure. Does it look familiar to anyone? Keep it in mind the next time you are watching one of those shows!

Here's a south shot -- looking at Playa del Rey which is where we used to live.

And here's a view looking towards the marina and the other high rises.

Hi to my little buddy who hung out with me while I sat on a bench and had some water.

I liked the shot below because you can see the lighthouse down by Fisherman's Village. This area is where they shoot the "banana stand" scenes in 'Arrested Development'. Jim and I go here all the time for brunch at Shanghai Reds or when we rent boats/kayaks. It's a real cute, quaint and fun area.

**Flashback photo of me and Jim at Shanghais for brunch. We are going there next weekend to celebrate him being DONE with the bar exam. All are welcome!



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