West Coast Baby Shower!

I had plans to go out to a late lunch with my #legend gals Sarah and Nicole yesterday. The plan was for Sarah to pick me up on her way from Santa Monica down to The Source, a restaurant in Hermosa Beach. I have been mega tired lately, so I threw on some jeans and whatever shirt fit (there are very few these days). I hopped in her car and we made our way towards Nicole's place. When we arrived, Nicole asked that we run in real quick so she could grab her stuff -- and unbeknownst to me, there was a crowd full of friends in her living room!!!! SURPRISE! 
Here is my diva entrance...yikes.

Jimmy didn't quite make the surprise, as he couldn't leave our place until after I had left. But it's ok, I was glad he was able to come and take a break from studying.

Here's a little collage of the day -- another entrance shot, me getting a kick out of Jimbo opening some little baby boy clothes and the most creative/adorable "PHELAN TWINS" blocks I have ever seen in my life. Nicole made them. She is seriously the 'hostess with the mostest' -- she can really throw a party.

I don't have many pics of the gift-opening portion of the day, but here are a few we opened. Rock gave the boys some Penn St gear, and we also got some wicked cute rash guards and bathing suits for A and B to wear in Cape Cod!

This was taken later on in the evening. I had such a fun day and couldn't have been more touched by the efforts of all our west coast friends. Really, really gonna miss these folks. Thank you everyone for going to the party and showering A and B with so much love!!

The Phelan fam


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