Final Days in LA!!!

Jim and I have officially moved across the country! What a trip. 

We flew out on Sunday to make sure we had an enjoyable weekend in LA before we left the amazing weather. We decided to stay at a hotel on the strand, so we could enjoy the people watching and the sunset. Here I am popping some champagne (for Jimbo) to celebrate the big move!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for our last weekend in LA - we couldn't have been any luckier. This is a shot of Hermosa pier. 

We witnessed some very interesting people on the strand. We had such a blast.We then spent the day on Saturday hanging on the beach with some friends, and Jim was able to play volleyball for a little bit. It was a great day. On Saturday night, we moved to a different hotel in Redondo Beach. There were tons of weddings going on down there. It was gorgeous - one of the most amazing sunsets we've seen!

The sunrise in the morning was absolutely stunning. As I mentioned in my facebook post, we had five very fun, fulfilling years on the west coast. Not only did Jim earn his Juris Doctor and I completed my Master's degree, we also both made incredibly loyal lifelong friends and unbelievable memories. We will always love reminiscing about singing karaoke at the Shack with some favs, the wine tasting trips, volleyball/cornhole games spent on the beach, sunsets and grabbing dinner/drinks out with friends. We will treasure those memories forever. Thanks for everything, California. ;)

Til next time,


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