Almost 37 Weeks - Still Pregnant!

I wanted to document how I am feeling since I am nearing the end of this pregnancy and what better way than by "journaling" here in my blog. :)

So here I am, quickly approaching 37 weeks and feeling wonderful. I am still pregnant, still growing and still wondering when A and B will arrive. I read a fellow twin-prego-blog the other day and she had a cool post about various pregnancy topics like food cravings and current symptoms...I really liked it!

Weight Gained: I've gained a total of 43 pounds so far. I am pretty much gaining about a lb each week at this point, so I don't expect to gain much more than 45 lbs total - not terrible for a twin pregnancy, but definitely on the higher end of the spectrum. 

Symptoms: Real hungry, physically tired, back pain, tingling hands (carpel tunnel), swelling and mild forgetfulness...

Contractions: I have been having contractions since like January...seriously. They of course have become increasingly more frequent and intense this month. Nothing is consistent though, and they are hard to "time and monitor" as the doctors suggest. They are more intense at night, but it feels more like really bad cramping and hardening of the belly. I guess I will "know when I know".

Swelling: The swelling is still bad – mostly confined to my feet and lower legs, but my hands have a bit of swelling as well. The resting helps, but doesn't cease it completely. I will be excited when I can wear my wedding rings again.

Blood Pressure: All very normal and very good! It is nice to be monitored every week (for the last few months), it really puts my mind at ease. 

Baby Movement: These two guys are always kicking up a storm! Me and Jim were at one of the Non-Stress Tests (NST) recently - which monitors their movement and heart rates. Basically three little contraptions go on my belly, two over each baby and one to monitor contractions. Well several times we heard a big "BOOM" and one of the babies kicked so hard it moved the monitor contraption off the correct spot over the baby. The sound was so loud. I think we have a future soccer sweeper on our hands. ;)

Food Cravings:  Throughout my entire pregnancy, all I've wanted is carbs (especially Italian) - which is not new for me. I have been loving cereal and ice cream - also not really new for me. I am thinking my body is craving calcium and that's how I am consuming it. I do take a calcium supplement with my prenatals each day. 

Food Aversions: Nothing in particular, not a huge fan of salads. But when I am eating them, they are fine. I just don't ever crave a salad.

Sleep: Sleep has been tough this past week. I used to sleep great while I was working everyday, but staying home has made sleeping quite difficult. I often wake up with intense contractions, which then I have to use the bathroom and then of course I am thirsty and sometimes even hungry. It's unfortunate because everyyyyybody says "rest now while you can"! Well, sadly, I can't. Hmph.

Stretch Marks: I have a few new small stretch marks right in the dead center of my belly, near my belly button. And it's also kind of numb feeling there. It's weird! I feel like now that the babies have dropped and they're still growing exponentially, I might be in for it these next few weeks! I have been using bio oil that my friend Nicole gave me. It is great for stretch marks, scars, or any markings on your skin. And bonus, it smells very nice. :)

Miss Anything? Sometimes sushi, the occasional glass of good red wine (mmm Gnarly Vine), mimosas on holidays or special occasions and sleeping on my stomach – the usual. 

Looking forward to: Meeting A and B, of course! I am also excited to start calling them by their names! Everyone has bets going for when these two will arrive and also what their names are going to be. And lastly, losing some of this weight so I can move a bit more comfortably and go for walks outside.

New Baby Items: Nothing new, just continuing to open and set up some items we got for the shower, like the baby bjorns. We are also trying to find a place for the bouncer seats, rock n plays and swings – there are two of everything! :)

Exercise: Bahaha what exercise? I literally talk for 5 minutes and am winded. But in all seriousness, Jimmy and I strolled to the grocery store the other day - during a rain shower. It was actually kind of humorous. My first outing in a week and I came home looking like a drowned rat. I am VERY excited to start walking outside with the babies in the stroller...and happy my mom will be here visiting with me to do that.

So there you have it. Still cookin these two in there. I have a solid 12-13 lbs of baby in my belly. I’m interested to see if they decide to make their appearance this week or wait until May 6th. I wonder if they will be April or May babies! Only time will tell!

Shaz, A and B


  1. Sharon you look wonderful but I know how miserable you must feel, just want it to be over with,just hang in there and those two little boys will be so worth every second of suffering you are going thru. I think of you and Jimmy often and love reading your blog. Nancy

  2. Thanks Nancy. So sweet of you to say! I love blogging. Thanks for reading. :)


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