Cherry Blossoms in DC!!

The cherry blossoms in DC have bloomed! It was an absolutely beautiful weekend here in DC. It was 75-85 all weekend - couldn't have been any better. My sister and Lindsey visited me since Jimbo headed up north for a bachelor party in New Hampshire. We had such a great time. We booked a 45 minute cherry blossom yacht cruise. We also did a little BBQ, visited with my Aunt and Uncle and also did some shopping. It was fun! 

Friday night we met up with my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dennis at my cousin Pat's restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. We had a few drinks and dinner, then of course had some ice cream. :) It was a gorgeous night, we walked around and saw all the boats and a man who plays water glasses. He was amazing!

Enjoying dinner at Union Street Pub with Joyce and Dennis:

Here are a few shots of the cruise.


Here's a shot of the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial off in the distance.

I was inspired by all the beautiful flowers, so I took a picture of my tulips. Jimmy knew we were having some visitors this weekend, so he bought a few flowers to brighten up the house. :)


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