Nursery is (just about) DONE!!

A and B have a home!

We finished our nursery this weekend and we couldn't be more thrilled. It is such a relief and it came out so amazing. My mom came down for a visit - even though we didn't really visit. We really put her to work!!! We had thousands of boxes all around the house, mostly the basement. Jim and Mom emptied all the boxes, and Jim put most of the things in storage. It's nice to have so much storage space here in this place.

After we made some headway in the basement, we started tackling the nursery. Jim put one of the cribs together on Thursday night, and the second one on Friday night, before my mom arrived. That way, we had some space to work in the nursery. Here he is at work...

One down, one to go! Shout out to Abby for the AMAZING homemade quilts. She really nailed it. One of the quilts has a soft green side underneath and one has a soft gray side - so A and B won't be fighting over them. :) Thanks, Abby!

My mom and I are adjusting the car seats with their outfits and blankets for the hospital! We will need to test these out in the car sometime this week. Thank you to my cousins Jess and Jen for one of the car seats and to Jim's Aunt Trish Phelan for the other one!!

Here I am looking at all the little outfits, towels, blankets, socks, hats and shoes for the twins. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. Everyone helped us out so much and we can't express how much we appreciate it.

My blue/yellow/gray closet! It's filling up quick!! And belly shot at 33 weeks. Looking fabulous in my pj's haha. :)

Finished cribs and car seats...

Finished changing table/dresser. Thank you to Chrissy for the changing table, my mom for the mobile, and my cousin Jessica Pratt for the diaper genie! ;)

My mom and I loved the little mobile on the changing table. It's supposed to be for the crib, but we couldn't choose just one! So they can share it here.

We have two of these little swings, but only set up one of them in the nursery. The other one can go on another level of the house, so we can have different options for them. Thank you to Jim's Aunt Jean Mullen for the swing below! It's so sweet -- my mom and I had it playing while we were setting up the nursery.

We opted to put our pull-out sofa in the nursery. For now, I put the letters "PHELAN TWINS" on display, but I need a shelf for them. My friend Nicole made them for my west coast baby shower and it is so unique. She did a fantastic job. Thanks, Nicole!! 

We are so lucky to have a big room for the twins. We have so much stuff! So anyone who wants to come and visit, you can sleep with A and B! ;) hehe I am kidding. We have a guest bedroom, which is the next picture, below.

Jim and I were so completely exhausted at this point, and sadly, it was Sunday night -- which meant another full work week ahead. But we were so glad to have everything finished.  We just need the chevron curtains that Chrissy and Lindsey are bringing down in about 10 days. Can't wait to see them (Chrissy, Linds AND the curtains). Hehe.

Panorama shot of the nursery - hopefully this comes out and you can see it.

Thanks everyone for time you see the nursery, there will hopefully be two little baby boys in there!

Shaz, A and B


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