Adventures of Conor & Caden (Cont)

We have had such a great time in Massachusetts, we have been able to visit and meet with so many people. Before we headed down to Cape Cod for the week of the Fourth of July, we stopped in with Auntie Chrissy at her work. We ventured around the Boston Public Garden and watched the swan boats. It was a gorgeous day to have lunch in the park!

We even visited Grammy at work before we headed to Cape Cod for the week! We needed our summer "treatments". ;)

We also surprised Nana and visited her at work!

We ventured around Cape Cod to Chatham and throughout Hyannis. We have walked a lot from our house to the beach which is nice. Chatham was beautiful and we had the best lobster rolls! Here's a shot of my boys at the Chatham lookout area - what a gorgeous view.

This was in Hyannis walking from our house to the beach one morning when no one wanted to sleep...

And here we are walking a different day to the beach...hi Conor!! You can see Daddy setting up the umbrella in the back. 

Keyes Beach parking lot...packed! Haha

My favs :)

Loving the Cape Cod air....and excited to meet all of our friends this weekend. We will hopefully be on our best behavior! Happy Fourth of July everyone! :)

Shaz and C-Squared


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