Adventures of Conor & Caden

It has been a long time since I last blogged because we've been super busy! So what better to write about than all of our recent adventures...

Jim was recently up north for Cakes and Lisa's wedding when I realized I was out of Caden's hypoallergenic formula. I literally had no choice but to venture out with both boys ALONE. I was so nervous...could I do it?? I started small and figured I would walk over to the grocery store. I didn't know if they carried the Nutramigen formula, so I asked Chrissy to call them...haha it saved me a useless trip! They did in fact carry it, so we were good to go; they even had it waiting for me at the Customer Service counter.

I bought the formula, as well as a few other groceries, and showed a million people Conor and Caden. Everyone is so excited to see twins!

I even made a quick stop at Starbucks! I was quite proud of my little adventure out for the first time alone.

Then it was time to get ready to drive up to Massachusetts. We left late on a Thursday and drove through the night. Here we are all packed up and ready for the road trip!

We met Nana and Gramps for the first time! "Baby B" Gramps is holding "Baby B" Caden. :)

First time in our Cape house!

We even had a chance to meet the Macomber sisters!

Anndddd we met Great Grammy and Great Grampa!!

What a whirlwind visit to Massachusetts this has been so far. So busy, but so fun!

Shaz, Conor and Caden


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