C and C Adventures Continue...

Two months old?!?!? Wow.

These crazy 2 month olds have traveled more than some adults. First off, when I was pregnant, the three of us went to El Salvador, Cabo and wine country - not to mention all the cross country trips from LA to Boston and LA to Washington, DC. Now that they are here, we have driven up to Massachusetts and back...so they have been through a lot of states! The boys were rock stars during the drive. I'm so proud. :)

We are now back in Washington, DC for a few weeks until the boys and I drive up north again for the month of August. We are really excited to be back up in Cape Cod. As much fun as the Fourth of July festivities are, we are anxious for a relaxing family trip just the four of us. The weather in MA is much cooler than DC so we are able to hang out more outside and enjoy that Cape Cod "ayaah" also known as "air" to everyone except Barbie Callahan. Haha Ma.

The two month stage has been super fun and cute so far. We are now starting to SMILE! Caden is on the left and Conor is on the right. They are both so adorable.

Before we drove up to MA, I didn't plan on bringing the boys to the beach. I thought 2 months was way too young. Well, my mind changed when we received this awesome "Super Brella" from my Dad's friend Paul at Conor and Caden's meet and greet BBQ a few weeks ago (ironically, Paul is a twin too!). Here is a picture of Paul and his twin Mark, Conor and Caden and Brady and Ben! TWINS! All of the Baby As are on the left and Baby Bs are on the right.

We used the Super Brella several times at the beach. I love that it has sun protection and is easy to set up. We will definitely be using this for the rest of the summer.

Here are some of my fav shots over the last week or so. Below, our first family beach photo - Mom with Caden and Dad with Conor..with the adorable towels from Jim's cousin Christina.

Me and my little boys. :)

Momma's little beach bums passed out!

Auntie Chrissy noticed that we were dressed as twins too! Mom in pink stripes and Dad in blue stripes...with white shorts. Maybe I'm just so used to dressed C and C alike, that I subconsciously dressed like Jimbo Friday night....?

As much fun as Cape Cod was, we are happy to be back in Washington, DC and back in our cribs. :)

And we were soooo excited to see Auntie Joyce the other day! Thanks so much for visiting us. Can't wait to see you Saturday!

Til next time,
Shaz and C-Squared

PS Flashback to the Fourth of July 2009 with Julie and Katie! Happy 30th Birthday, Ju Ju!!!! :)


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