DC Sites & Sangria!

Yesterday (Saturday, 7/26) we were feeling very adventurous. I've been wanting to bring the boys into DC and take some fun pics by the monuments. In fact, I drove into the city on Thursday - but there was no parking anywhere! I ended up going home. The drive itself was fun, and good to get out of the house, but I really wanted some cute pics. So Saturday we did it. We went into the city for about 4 hours, the boys were awesome. We fed them right before we headed in, parked by the National Mall and walked around. We fed them often throughout the day because it was HOT! We didn't want them to get dehydrated.

Here are the Phelan boys in front of the National Gallery of Art - I was surprised they let strollers into a lot of the places. Cool for us! 

We stopped at Starbucks and then took a little breather on the grass at the National Mall. We fed them again there. The boys got TONS of attention all day. We secretly felt like Michelle and Barack (ha!). But really, what is better than one cute baby? TWO cute babiessss!! :)


It was such a hot day walking around DC. We were craving some sangria. When I worked at Vinny T's in Lexington, MA - an Italian restaurant - they had a great recipe for sangria. As a bartender, we would have to make these HUGE batches over a massive hot stove on the ground. At the time, we used burgundy wine, sugar, fruits and fruit juices (apple and orange), cinnamon sticks, triple sec, and topped it off with a little sprite over ice. 

I used a similar recipe here - thinking the cinnamon would make it a bit similar and it was delicious. I tend to use whatever fruits I have in the house like strawberries, cherries, peaches and of course citrus like lemons, limes and oranges. In this case, I used a regular cab sav, cherries and strawberries, sugar, triple sec, then added a little soda water for a little spritz. 

*Serving tip - fill each of the glasses with ice, fruit and a garnish, that way when you pour it, it is ready to serve (and they all look uniform). Oh, and serve the pitcher with a wooden spoon - it helps prevent a big old mess. :)

This is how we felt Sunday morning - no the boys did not have any sangria haha. But mom and dad did! It was a fun night, and we finally finished watching Mary Poppins, too. Wonderful weekend with the fam so far.

As I was blogging this morning, Conor and Caden were stretching out on the quilt from Abby and Jimbo was making an awesome breakfast! Check out the delish meal below.

He scrambled 6 eggs, added some milk and black pepper, and cooked them up a bit before adding some medium-spice salsa and cholula sauce. He then added a little bit of American cheese and salt & pepper. He then browned up some breakfast sausages on the side. YUM!

Happy Sunday Funday everyone! Hoping the rain holds off so we can venture into Old Town tonight for some din din. :)

Shaz & the boys


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