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We had a lot going on over the past week. The whole Phelan family came down to visit the boys and to attend Jim's cousin Liz's wedding on Saturday, 7/12/14 in Washington, DC. What a beautiful bride, gorgeous cathedral and stunning cocktail hour/venue. It was quite impressive! We were greeted at the cocktail hour with a tray of white wine, champagne and gin rickeys. Yum. We were fortunately all able to attend the wedding due to Aunt Joyce and Uncle Den stepping in to babysit C-Squared. They thankfully enjoyed themselves and A and B were on their best behavior - proud moment for Mom and Dad.

Our fun filled week began last Wednesday, 7/9 when my mother-in-law Irene came down from Boston. She planned to come a little earlier than everyone else so she could spend some time with her grandsons. It all went by way too fast, but it was so fun. I must say, our place here in DC is much more conducive for visitors than LA. Jim's Mom, Dad, brother Joe and sister Theresa were all here for the wedding and it didn't feel crowded one bit. They were in fact quite a huge help and I miss them already!

Here are a few fav snapshots from the weekend.  Auntie Theresa and Conor having dinner outside at Chadwick's in Old Town Alexandria.

Daddy and his boys outside on the patio at Chadwick's. I had one of the best Greek salads with grilled shrimp...not to mention Sunday was half-off bottles of wine. Win/win.

Here are Nana and Caden snuggling up!

Mellow yellow! Uncle Joe wanted to match the kids on Sunday afternoon. ;)

Daddy's foot and Caden's foot...almost the same size.

My big Sox fans!!!!!

And here are some great pics from the wedding on Saturday evening. We had a blast. Thank you again to Joyce and Den for watching Conor and Caden..they loved having you! And congratulations to the bride and groom...we hope you are loving every second of your honeymoon!!

I made a cute little compilation of C-squared pics to celebrate 10 weeks today!! Amazing. They are just growing up way too fast.

And of course on Thursday, July 10, 2014 Jimmy and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. I still can't believe it has been four years since these photos were taken. Absolutely feels like yesterday. I am hands down the luckiest person in the world to have such an incredible husband and daddy to my little twin cherubs. Can't wait to celebrate at the Hyatt again this year when we go home next month! Love you! Thank you for being you and thank you for being so thoughtful! :)



  1. Beautiful pics Shaz!! I can't wait to meet them in person. And I really can't believe your wedding was 4 years ago... feels like yesterday!


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