4 Month Sleep Regression??

Naps. We all want to take them when we are older, but never when we are babies or young children. No matter the circumstance, we can all benefit from more [good, deep] sleep.

I started writing this post while I was still up in MA - and Caden and Conor were waking through the night. Since I was completely clueless as to why they were randomly waking up at midnight, 3am, 6am, etc...I conductive a few internet searches before they see their pediatrician on Sept 10th. I found a bit of information regarding this "4 month sleep regression" thing and quite frankly, it sounded horrible. Conor has been a better sleeper since he was born, mainly (I thought) because he weighed a little more. Conor was also originally a better eater too, since he didn't have the milk allergy - so I summed it all up to be the same thing. In other words, a better eater (chubbier) would in turn sleep better. I still may think this is the case.

Well anyway, Caden was having a very hard time going to sleep in MA, and it was a vicious cycle. The more tired he was, the harder it was for him to fall asleep, both for naps and for the night - YET he couldn't fall asleep because he was overtired. So basically he needed the sleep, but he couldn't sleep because he needed the sleep??? Huh???? I was so darn sleep deprived at that point, I was a complete disaster.

Here are my little cherubs fast asleep - makes me happy they are so content.

Prior to this new disastrous schedule, the boys went down to sleep from 6pm-6am and at 9:30pm we did what's called a "dream feed". Typically this buys mom and dad a few extra hours of sleep in the morning since they go down so early. It has been working wonderfully since they were about 6 weeks old. However, when we were in MA, Caden started waking at 2am or 3am and I figured it was because he was started to roll over as he has been super active during the day. Developmental growth spurt maybe?? Conor was still waking at his regular time in the morning, so just doing one middle of the night feeding wasn't too bad. Then all of a sudden Caden was doing a midnight wake up AND a 3am wake up. Then Conor started waking mid-night as well. And it appeared Caden wasn't super hungry, but Conor was waking to eat. In short, something was definitely up with Caden. I had a slight inclination that it had to do with his lack of sleep/lack of naps. He wasn't taking enough naps during the day, and if he did nap - it isn't long enough. Tired baby/tired mommy. He also woke Conor too...so tired two babies/wicked tired mommy.

To remedy this, I have been following a much more diligent napping schedule. I found this 4 month sample schedule and think it's been working wonders so far. Boys are back sleeping 6p-6a with the dream feed right before Jimbo and I go to sleep. Happy Momma. I will take it!!!!! :)


PS Flashback photo!! It's been a while since I've done this! My 21st bday in Boston with Chrissy, and my cousins Jessie and Jen! #Callahans :)


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