FOUR months old!

I wanted to blog about my two little cherubs and their different personalities now that they're four months tomorrow (woah!). Essentially, I wanted a good way to document them as babies, because they are simply growing way too fast. Just yesterday my dad said the boys looked different on FaceTime, and he just saw them a week ago. 

Conor -

My snuggly little boy. Conor has always loved being held and rocked and soothed since we brought him home from the hospital. He loves to eat and has gained good healthy weight. He's such a good baby, so curious and so sweet. When he's tired, he makes sure to let me know by yawning or rubbing his eyes. While he often enjoys being rocked to sleep, he falls asleep so great on his own in a dark room (with his pacifier). When he wakes, I find him in his room "ooh-ing" and "aahh-ing" ever so softly. He loves hearing his voice. What a wonderful little boy - he is so good; he allows me to give Caden the extra little TLC that he needs sometimes (milk allergy and tough napper).

Caden -

My little mover and shaker. He started rolling side to side in MA about 2-3 weeks ago. Then he started rolling to his back when I placed him on his belly. And NOW he is rolling from his back to his belly (typically done at 6 months). He also scoots all around on his belly and loves to explore. Whenever he is held, he loves to be facing outward to see the world. He's definitely my little explorer. And an amazing smile Caden has - literally melts my heart. And he smiles so often, even when you just glance his way. He's full of personality. He "gurgles" when you do it to him first. It's so adorable. He has gained a great amount of weight too (same as Conor) but struggled with the milk allergy around 4-5 weeks. And sometimes, he has a tough time with naps because he doesn't want to miss anything. I think he's just tired from all his adventures!

I sure am the luckiest Mommy!



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