Brunch at the Condon's!

A Weekend with the Phelans...

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Chrissy and Linds came to visit us over the weekend. It was so fun to have them over and just hang out. We had our 5-course dinner on Friday - and then Saturday and Sunday were very relaxing. We ordered sushi, watched movies and drank wine...some of my favorite pastimes with my favorite people.

Caden and Conor played with their toys and enjoyed their Aunties visit!

Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dennis really out did themselves during brunch on Sunday. They hosted a family mimosa brunch to celebrate Chrissy and Lindsey's engagement - the celebrations continue! :)

Uncle Den and his amazing spread - he made a vegetable frittata, ham, sausage, biscuits, french toast and of course the delicious mimosas. :)

Conor and Caden had a blast with their cousins, Luca and Leo!   

Conor LOVED the mimosas!!!

Hehehehe just kidding ;)

During the Redskins game, Caden was having the time of his life!

Haha thankfully Daddy took him into the kitchen and he was ALL better.

Then Conor had some Daddy/football time. You have to be fair! ;)

Now it's back to reality! We are excited to see everyone up in MA in a few weeks for Thanksgiving! YAYYYYY!



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