C-Squared: 6 months old!!

...to my happy, smiley, cheerful, loving, adventurous, curious, amazing little twin boys. I cannot believe they are already 6 months old. I am fortunate that we've made it over the "hump". And I must say, they are becoming more fun everyday, we are so blessed.

Kicking it back to LA - here's Conor and Caden in my belly at 6 months:

And here they are OUT of my belly for 6 months!

We had a silly little photo shoot to celebrate their half birthday. These are a few of my favs:

Their 6 month appointment isn't for another few weeks, so I will post all their info when that happens (height/weight, etc). For now, I will just say that their personalities are blossoming even more than before when I blogged about them at 4 months old.

Conor James:

Conor is still my snuggle-buddy. He loves to be held and loves being rocked to sleep when it's time for a nap. He falls asleep on his own when it's time for bed, but naptime is Mama time. He is so sweet, so gentle and so curious. He loves to use his little hands and fingernails to touch every new surface he can find. He is so happy and has the best little smile. I love my little Baby A.

Caden Francis:

Caden continues to keep Mama on her toes. This little guy can MOVE. I put him down for a few seconds to go pick up Conor, and come back and Caden has moved about a foot or two and is facing the opposite direction. He is so adventurous, he cannot wait to start crawling. I can tell. He is such a better napper than before, he is really starting to soothe himself. He also enjoys rocking in Mama's arms for naptime, but he also really likes his bottle to fall asleep, too (hey- whatever works, right?!). He has the most adorable little smile, he loves sticking out his little tongue. It's the cutest!! I love that Caden is a little smaller than Conor too; because it makes me cherish the time I have that they are little. They are growing so fast!

Anyway, both of them can't keep their eyes off me. When I leave the room, they notice. When I come back to the room, they notice. They are sooo alert and very observant. I will document their 6 month stats after their doctor visit - but here are their fav foods and fav pastimes. We are eating brown rice cereal, banana, avocado, sweet potato, carrots, peas, acorn squash and apples. I have made all their baby food so far...so we will see how long I can keep that up! ;) Conor loves the sweet stuff like bananas and even the rice cereal (especially when I add banana to it) and Caden loves the squash and sweet potato. I read that babies who are on nutramigen tend to like the more savory foods....so that makes sense!

We also LOVE our little jumpers and exersaucers now. They pass the time nicely and keep the boys entertained for a while.

 They are also really interacting now...it is so fun!!

Shaz and my little 6 month olds :)

Flashback photo: Me, Jason, Kelsie and Kayla down at Keyes Beach in the Cape! This was before Jared was born...when there were only three little Berrys. ;)


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