Gearing up for Christmas!! YAY!

I don't think I could love these two little creatures anymore than I already do. They are so sweet and adorable and they are MINE. :) They are really starting to interact and play with each other - and often talk to each other. Over Thanksgiving, Conor started babbling and now Caden has started doing it. I hear them saying "MA MA MA MA" and while I realize they are not associating me with "Mama", I pretend in my head that they are talking directly to me. :)

Here are some tasks we are currently working on - sitting up on our own and holding our own bottles. 

We have progressed nicely over the last week alone with sitting independently, but we still sometimes topple over and slam our little heads on the ground. Nobody likes that. It works best when we have something to keep us distracted like this choo choo at Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dennis' house. We loved watching the train go around their Christmas tree!!

And we are also learning quickly to hold the bottle. We do best when we first wake in the morning - maybe it's because we are really hungry and really determined. As the day goes on, we get a little tired, and we aren't as focused. It's okay...we will get there. But I feel like once we tackle these two things, we will be much more independent little boys (sad day for Mama).

The boys are so sweet and cuddly. They spent the weekend cuddling and playing with Daddy since he was traveling all last week. We are also on a new schedule where we wake and have a bottle, two hours later have a snack, and then go down for a nap shortly thereafter (on our own, in the more rocking!!! YAY!). Then we continue this pattern throughout the day. We will soon condense to two naps per day, but maybe when we wake up a little later than 5:30AM. ;)

And we've spent some serious time outside this week because it's been in the mid 50's down here in DC. Let's soak it all up while we can before we head up to Massachusetts for Christmas! Can't wait to see everyone and watch Conor and Caden enjoy their first Christmas!!! 

Happy boys loving their Cape Cod sweatshirts...see ya in a week or so CAPE COD!

Shaz, Conor and Caden


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