A day in the life of a TWIN!

A few friends suggested I blog about our day to day. In other words, this post is about "a day in the life of Conor and Caden".  Of course our schedule changes every few months or so - for example, I wrote a bit about their schedule when the boys were four months (and suffering a bit from what I thought was a sleep regression). But here is Conor and Caden's current schedule at almost 9 months old:

6AM: Both wake and have 8oz bottle, then play upstairs in nursery with Mommy

8AM: Oatmeal w/ pureed bananas, then play downstairs in living room

10AM: 4-6oz bottles and both nap. I tend to separate them for naps during the day. Caden usually sleeps downstairs in a pack n play and Conor in nursery. Caden is standing and climbing in the crib, so keeping him in the pack n play sort of eliminates that distraction. ;)

 --- At this point, while the boys nap, I typically start writing a blog post. Conor is on the left and Caden (asleep) on the right --- 

12PM: Lunch! (fruit, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc). And then we play and go outside for a walk or sometimes even a drive to get some fresh air

3PM: 6-8oz bottle, and nap again...then playtime til dinner 


5PM: Dinner (puffs, veggie and brown rice). Caden left and Conor LOVING the puffs on the right

6:15PM: Bath and bedtime routine. I just bought a couple of these Halo sleep sacks per the suggestion of my cousin Jen. They slept a little later this morning while wearing these because they are so cozy. These are definitely a must-have in the winter!

6:45-7PM.: Sleeping :) :)

The boys are doing great. They are teething and growing and sometimes it is difficult to get them on the exact same page. Often Caden plays really, really hard (crawling, climbing, moving) and Conor is a little more relaxed. Therefore, Caden tends to be more tired earlier in the day and Conor can push his nap a little later. But other days, it flip flops! Like today, Conor was really tired at 9AM and Caden fell asleep more around 10AM. For the most part, I try to keep them on the same schedule.


PS Flashback photos to my Mom's visit to LA in 2011...enjoying a socal sunset in Venice and a bike ride in the Marina! :)


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