Happy New Year....and Happy 8 Months!

Happy New Year! We are in 2015 already.......really?!

Tomorrow Caden and Conor celebrate their 8 months of existence. I cannot even fathom that eight months have gone by that quickly. It has easily been the fastest time of my life. It is unbelievable.

In recent news, Caden is crawling and Conor is well on his way. Caden is literally all over the living room, dining room and even made his way into the kitchen to surprise Mama when she is making dinner. Conor is vigorously rocking back and forth and often times scoots backwards.  Here are some recent fav shots in the last few weeks...

Conor and Caden at their pediatrician visit for their flu shot. They did SO great! One little cry, that was it.

And here we are enjoying a little lunch together....

And of course showing a little brotherly love over here.

Brothers that play together, stay together. :)

And enjoying yet another meal....(this happens quite often throughout each day).

We decided to be adventurous and visit the Lincoln Memorial over the weekend. We haven't been into the city in a few weeks, so it was nice to walk around and enjoy the sites. I don't think I had been to the Lincoln since we lived here before. As usual, Conor and Caden were a huge hit...everyone loved seeing their smiling faces.

Well we are off to have some sushi...til next time folks. HAPPY NEW YEAR and happy 8 months to my joyous little baby boys. They are awesome.

Shaz, Jim, Conor and Caden

PS Remember when they looked like this?!  Here is Auntie Chrissy nailing the Aunt role right here...


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